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your gypsy uncle
21 November 2013 @ 09:26 am
Good morning.
your gypsy uncle
08 April 2010 @ 12:06 am

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your gypsy uncle
26 March 2010 @ 12:13 pm
I am mad because I found out the other day about the two dates Hole is playing in Brooklyn in April. I spent forever debating how I would get there and whether it was worth it and if I'd have to get a hotel and then discovered that it's actually sold out and the website just hadn't marked it as such. I know people think Courtney Love is silly but Hole was awesome for me in high school. I hope they'll add a couple more dates. It seems like it would be wise since it's sold out and also because Courtney is like perpetually broke anyway.

So I don't have an ipod or any other kind of mp3 player and I'm thinking of buying one. I'm temping right now. It blows and it's mostly mind-numbing data entry and it seems like most places let you listen to an ipod. All week I've been listening to my discman, which is apparently so ancient that someone there literally did not know what a discman was, and it's a pain. I go through four batteries a day, I have to take seven or eight CDs with me and change them and then I've listened to them all by lunch. I also have to admit that it's not feasible for me to buy every CD I might want to listen to and I rarely listen to music on my computer anymore.

I don't know anything about ipods at all. The world where people are getting rid of their ipods because they are too old is like a whole other universe to me. I cannot afford an iphone so that's off the table. I don't know what this "3rd generation" and "8th generation" stuff means. I don't know if I should look into getting a classic or a nano. I have about 23gb of music on my computer but I don't listen to all of it.

What is available for me to use it in the car? My car is 15 years old so it doesn't have any ipod stuff in it. It has a CD player and a cigarette lighter. I tried to look through the ipod store but it seemed like everything for the car was for charging and it also seemed like lots of it was for the ipod touch which is more fancy than necessary. I also want to be able to listen to music in the kitchen so I guess I need a charging dock with speakers. Are these expensive? Is this becoming like a $500 purchase?

I'll probably be looking on ebay because I'm not sure I can afford to pay full price, but that makes it so much more confusing because then it's all, "4th generation, guys!!" and I'm confused.

Please advise!
your gypsy uncle
07 February 2010 @ 01:20 am
Guys, I just downloaded itunes for the first time. Let me be clear: until today I have been using winamp. I decided to download itunes because I was thinking having an ipod at some point in time might be okay just so I could get rid of physical cds.

Itunes is so confusing to me! How do I organise this? I am an organisational freak about my mp3s, carefully labelling them all to match the same style, and now they are just shoved into this random pile of crap in itunes. For some reason, some Beatles albums are listed under Brian Epstein no matter how many times I rename them. The anthologies, previously just in their own folders separated by disc, are now spread into like 15 folders, with one that's like, "Paul McCartney - Anthology 1 - 1 song" which blows. Why didn't it just stay in its folder? And why is there a whole album spot for one song? And I can either seem to have it in grid, which takes up a lot of screen space and takes awhile to peruse, or else there's just my complete list of mp3s alphabetically, so that I can't just listen to an album by track order. Also, it tells me I have no internet service when I try to get album artwork, making this worse since they are all just plain black squares. I am, like, recoiling in horror. How can I make this more user-friendly?
your gypsy uncle
17 November 2009 @ 02:11 am
So the hot water situation in my house has been terrible since I moved in, but that was in May, and so it hasn't really been noticeable before. I love to take baths. However, summer baths are not really all that pleasant.

The water in the shower never gets anywhere close to scalding. The water from the sink is the same way. The bathtub, though (we have a shower stall and a separate bathtub), is the last straw - it was bad enough in the early summer when I tried to use it, but now it's completely unusable. The water comes out--not hot, but pretty warm. The tub fills about 1/4 of the way like this, then it drops to lukewarm, and then it's cold before the tub is even full. I've tried boiling water in pots on the stove, but come on, that's ridiculous.

I either can't find the water heater in our basement or there's something weird about it. What I assume to be the water heater is a large white tank which looks like an oxygen tank. There is not a single knob on it, nor a single panel that can be opened. The only display reads "9" and there's a button to depress to adjust the water pressure.

There's also a boiler in our basement, and then a huge grey tank with no markings or knobs or anything.

I have no idea how to adjust our hot water! Does this sound familiar to anyone? I realise I sound like a moron but I do not own this house, and I've never owned one, and all the "adjust water heater" googling I do is like, "Just turn the knob from low to high! :-j" Why do I have no knob?

If I ask my landlord, I know she will probably just say it doesn't matter since it's just the bathtub and no one has to take a bath. Which, okay, I don't, but I am constantly cold because we're not allowed to turn the heat up past a certain point, and I'd be cold anyway, and I like to take baths so I can enjoy the heat. I know she won't do anything because when I moved in she asked me if I thought the water was too cool, and when I lied (why? I don't know, I had only been there for a day or two) and said no, she said, "See, [Jeremy's mom] just wants it boiling!" I guess Jeremy's mom had previously complained when she noticed.
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your gypsy uncle
16 July 2009 @ 02:52 am
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your gypsy uncle
10 June 2009 @ 03:01 am
Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon is pretty much the greatest thing that's happened to me today.
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your gypsy uncle
05 June 2009 @ 01:53 am
A Joss Whedon-less 'Buffy' movie: Worst idea ever of the year

May 26, 2009, 12:22 AM | by Marc Bernardin

Categories: Buffy, Comic Books, Film, Hell to the no!, I'm Just a Geek, Ninjas, Television, Things That Make Me Die Inside

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rights holders of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- which began as the 1992 crapmound film starring Kristy Swanson and was later transformed by writer Joss Whedon into one of the touchstone TV series of the last 25 years -- are planning a remake/relaunch. Now, fans of the Buffyverse have been clamoring for a feature extension ever since the show's end in 2003; and they've made the Whedon-overseen comic books best sellers. Whedon has long been the hand on the wheel of the Buffy franchise, and his cultish fanbase are legion.

That raucous sound you hear is that fanbase currently consulting an engineer to figure out exactly how to support all of the hell they're gonna raise. Because -- get this -- Whedon isn't involved. AT ALL.
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your gypsy uncle
29 May 2009 @ 02:24 am
Jeremy gave me these daisies he picked off the side of the road:

Wilma gave me this snake she found in the basement:

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